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Insurance and Fees

1.  Bring your insurance card.

We will need a copy of your insurance card on  your first visit, as well as any replacement cards as soon as possible.  We will verify your eligibility, if possible, but we cannot guarantee how your insurance will process your claim.

2.  Copayments and deductibles.

Insurance doesn't usually pay for 100% of the charges.  Each insurance plan is different.  You may be responsible for a copayment each visit, a percentage of the charges or a deductible before the insurance starts to share the cost of the visit.

3.  Prior authorization or referral.

Some plans require prior authorization or a referral form from a physician.  For this type of plan, additional paperwork may be required periodically.

4.  Worker's comp injuries.

Your employer will need to pre-authorize physical therapy and by Iowa State law, may chose your healthcare provider for work injuries.  Work comp eligible injuries cannot be billed to your health insurance.

5.  Coverage

While we accept most insurance carriers, there are a few variations of these plans that we do not.  Check with our staff and with your carrier to verify coverage.  You can find their number on the back of your insurance card.

Car Accidents & Personal Injury Claims

If you are here for an accident that may involve a car insurance company, please notify our front desk staff so we can bill appropriately.

Payment Options

  • Copayments are due on the day of service

  • If you have insurance, it is your choice to use it or not.  If you participate in a high deductible plan, paying for visits without billing insurance may be beneficial to you.  In this case, ask about our pay at the time of service option.

  • Payments may be made in the office with cash, check or credit card.  Credit cards are also accepted over the phone.

  • Flex and HSA cards are accepted.

We can answer most questions about your insurance coverage.  For a full list of benefits and coverages, please contact your insurance carrier.

If you don't understand your bill, please ask our staff for an explanation.

Terms and Symbols

Copayments: A charge that an insurance plan requires its members to pay every visit for office visits.  

Coinsurance: The percentage of each charge you pay after deductible is met.  

Deductible: The amount you pay for covered insurance benefits before your insurance plan starts to pay.  

Out of Pocket Max: Max amount of money in one plan year that the patient will pay out of pocket.  Once met the insurance company will pay 100% of covered services.  

(Flex) Flexible Spending Account: Employer sponsored account where pre-tax funds are set aside from an employee's paycheck and must be used within the plan year.  

(HRA) Health Reimbursement Account: Healthcare account an employer funds for eligible medical expenses.  

(HSA) Health Savings Account: High deductible plans allow you to put pre-tax dollars aside to use for medical expenses and does not expire.  

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