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Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-Employment Screening for low back problems are done at any of our clinics which consists of a general low back evaluation for screening of pre-existing conditions. Specific job site evaluations are furnished by each contracting business. This evaluation is done to make certain each candidate can perform the duties as listed.

Cost Reduction Technologies Isokinetic Screening
Employees who are not physically matched to job strength demands are more likely to incur musculoskeletal (MSD) injuries resulting in additional expenses and thus less profit for your bottom-line. Cost Reduction Technologies (CRT), provides an effective method for not only controlling but also reducing these costs.

CRT's technology measures muscle strength and range of motion for the knees, shoulders, and back and provides objective data in the form of graphs, charts, and an overall Body Index Score. This allows employers to confidently match the physical ability of an applicant to the physical requirements of the job during the interview process. Using CRT isokinetic testing will prevent you from hiring someone with a preexisting deficit that is likely to become your next work comp injury. At the same time, CRT isokinetic testing establishes pre-injury baselines that are used for postinjury assessments.

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